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Dec 28, 2011 at 01:46 PM

error in uploading csv file to BO repository - .net SDK BI4.0



We are facing issue in our .net asp sdk program.

our program is simply taking a csv file from local machine and then exporting it in BO repository ( public folder->upload)

it throws error while commting in BO repository

error message is " File Repository Server Input is down "

I have checked that input and output servers are up. all access are granted (using admin access)

and very strange thing is , when I open infoview and upload same file, it work fine.

error is coming only when our .net sdk program tries to upload the file.

System Configuration

BI 4.0

input file system is port is set to "Auto Asign"

Please share any information available.

code is given below (*note: same code is working fine in BOXI r2 deployment)


PluginInfo plugin = infoStore.PluginManager.GetPlugins("Desktop")["CrystalEnterprise.Txt"];

InfoObjects infoObjects = infoStore.NewInfoObjectCollection();

InfoObject obj3 = infoObjects.Add(plugin);

obj3.Title = fileName;

obj3.Description = Comments;

obj3.Files.Add(fileContent);  fileContent = file path

obj3.Properties.Add("SI_PARENTID", iD);

new Txt(obj3.PluginInterface);

infoStore.Commit(infoObjects); (this line throw  ERROR - File Repository Server Input is down)


Thanks in advance