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Apr 22, 2005 at 04:22 AM

Using Web Dynpro DCs



This is my first DC based web dynpro application. I want to create a web dynpro DC (DC1) and use it in another (DC2). I'll describe exactly what I have done :

1. Created a new configuration file in the CBS build wizard.

2. Created a new DC, DC1, in the Sofware component.

3. In that DC I created a Component, Window and a View.

4. Added the component to the Public part of DC1.

5. Build and Deployed the DC1 and checked the activity in.

6. Created a new DC, DC2, in the Sofware component.

7. In the Used DCs I added the DC1 for compilation.

7. In the DC2 I created a Component, Window and a View.

8. In the View I added a button, on click of which I want to call the View of DC1. I can do that by calling the default inbound fire plug because I leads to the default view that I created in DC1.

Here is where I get stuck. How do I access the Interface View of DC1 from DC2? I need to add the Interface View Controller of DC1 to the used controllers in the view of DC2. But I cant see it in the list of available controllers. Where I am going wrong?