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Former Member
Apr 21, 2005 at 09:03 PM

Problem with asynchronous client ABAP Proxy


Hi all

I have generated a asyncronous client ABAP Proxy. But when I try to call it I got the error:


Call of URL terminated due to error in logon data.</p></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td class="emphasize"><strong>Note</strong><br>Logon performed in system XID . No logon data

and nothing arrives in my XI Integration Server.

However, I have a synchronous client ABAP Proxy in this same system, communicating to the same XI Integration Server, and it's working.

Is there any configuration I have to do so asynchronous client ABAP Proxies can manage to communicate to the Integration Server? Maybe some RFC Connections??

Any help will be welcome.