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Dec 28, 2011 at 05:17 AM

Variable field in Text module which is used in Adobe forms


Hi All,

I want to use text module in my Adobe form to display text .

Problem is that i want to insert a variable dynamically in text module i.e.

My text is:

For example : "In the period from &EMPLOYEE_DETAIL-PERIOD& you have not paid your tax:"

Now EMPLOYEE_DETAIL is a structure in context of form with period as field .

I want that data stored in this field should come in adobe,right now instead of data this text &EMPLOYEE_DETAIL-PERIOD& comes i.e. this is considered as text

I tried this with SO10 by clicking on the "add" icon, i am getting a pop up screen with the following option. can you please help me which option to select and how to define the variable?

Options given in pop up screen

1. Symbols,

2. Command,

3. Text Element,

4. Comment,

5. SAP Characters

6. Link

6.1 Char Format

6.2 Key

6.3 Text

if suppose i am using the wrong button please tell me where i can find this "add" button.

Thanks and Regards,