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Apr 21, 2005 at 06:41 PM

JDI: Cannot EDIT a java source file in a loaded, inactive DC


I have finished JDI Scenario 2+. I have since built a new workspace and imported my Development Configuration. I would now like to edit the java code and do a re-deployment.

Problem: I cannot Edit the file; it is read-only. I was able to edit the file from a different workspace yesterday, at which time when I typed in the editor I was prompted to create and activity and I did. I did NOT mark it for exclusive check-out.

Since then I have done a REVERT on that activity,but I still cannot edit this file in my second new wrokspace. In the context menus, in the DTR sub-menu, the EDIT selections are always grayed-out.

So, can someone advise how I can get the EDIT selections to be not grayed-out so that I can edit this file in the Java editor?


Mike R.