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Dec 27, 2011 at 10:07 AM

Process Order Goods Receipt (GR) to be happened at different price



Client has the below requirement :

Before doing process order confirmation for GR, quality team checks the quality of output. If the output is ok then process order GR confirmation happens and as usual system post accounting entry also at standard price of process order output material.

However, in some cases quality team finds defect in the output. In such cases, when you do process order GR confirmation, system should not take standard cost estimation. It should take down graded / grade 2 value and should have to post FI document.

Let us take an example :

Finished Goods (FG) is the output of process order and its standard cost estimation value is Rs. 100

Process order 1 : FG Quality is fine, process GR happnes at Rs. 100 (Inventory - FG Dr 100 and Change in Inventory 100


This scenario, there is no issue as it is standard process.

Process order 2 : FG Quality is defective. This output cannot be sold at prime rate. Hence when you do process order GR confirmation, system should not take rs. 100 , it should take some other price which client wants to give / decide that time.

Is there any way to deal with this kind of process, looks like this requirement is possible for any industry. Kindly advise how to go forward and provide detailed solution.

Thanks & Regards