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Apr 21, 2005 at 02:40 PM

deleting a row in a tableView


Hi all,

I have a similar problem like Bruno Lucattelli in his post <b>Problem on refreshing tableview's content</b>:

If I want to delete a selected row in a tableView, the row after the selected row is obviously being deleted. For example: row 2 is selected, the input fields of row 3 are restored wrongly from the request of row 2 (as described by Brian in Bruno's post).

The difference to Bruno's problem is that I'm using the structure TABLEVIEWCONTROL in the iterator interface for the definition of columns (<i>if_htmlb_tableview_iterator</i>) and the rendering of cells.

Brian mentioned some 'dirty tricks' in his last reply to Bruno's post.

Therefore I tried his suggestion and changed the ID of the tableView for each new server round-trip. But this doesn't work either in my case.

Do you have another 'dirty tricks' to solve my problem?