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Apr 21, 2005 at 02:21 PM

JDI: After import of existing project, Build DC fails, missing javaLib


have finished Scenario 2+ up to step 9.

I am trying to build a new workspace and then import the appl/tax Development Configuration; I have performed the "Create Project" as noted in the NetWeaver04 Development Manual page entitled "Synchronizing a DC in a Local File System".

I now have the projects in the filesystem and they display in NetWeaver Dev Studio, for instance I can see the project in the Java perspective's Packages view and in the Development Component view.

But when I try to build it, the console logs an error:

appl/tax/calc: Build failed for ... in variant "default": Used Component not found

I see in my first original workspace that these components at some point were in fact brought into the filesystem. But they do not come into the new filesystem.

I did create a new "Root" along with my new workspace. It seems like somewhere in the DTR it is remembering that, to my workstation the* files were already downloaded. But I do not see any "meta data" in the DTR that would allow me to mark it to re-download them again.

Finally, let me note that these files (such as javaLib) are still configured in my track (that is, in CMS' Landscape Configurator, on the "Track Data" tab, this track does still have the 3 "Required Software Components" including SAP_BUILDT which is the one that contains javaLib. They do show p in the "Active DC" view, and they are in the Local View's "Local Development" tree.

I am on SP9.

So, can someone suggest how it is that I make "javaLib" available to my tax/calc java DC for it's "Build Development Configuration" operation?