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Dec 27, 2011 at 05:19 AM

Lot of unplanned Purchase Orders


Hello Experts,

We place purchase orders on a regular vendor say X

But he isnt able to deliver on given day and in case of an emergency, We place a verbal order and get materials from another regular vendor Y. Then we regularise it in SAP system. This scenario are very frequent and we end up creating a lot of unplanned Purchase orders. We do not close the earlier PO. The vendor X supplies it at a later date as the material is frequently used. Though the prices vary a bit, it is more or less the same price.

Is there any way of controlling this situation in SAP

We cannot change this business process. So we need to map this anyhow in SAP

I was thinking of these 2 options

1. Creating contracts on both the vendors and accordingly ask both of them to supply such that anyone can supply.

2. Other option, I was referring to was Auto creation of PO, once the goods is received.

We would not like to go for Blanket orders as Goods receipt MIGO is a must.

Is there any other option,anyone can suggest.