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Apr 21, 2005 at 01:05 PM

Generating Logon Tickets


Hi All,

Need some help on how to generate/Accept Logon Tickets from web dynpro applications.

well, what i am trying is ,when ever i will try to access a WD application , it should ask for an authentication & on success,it should generate a Logon Ticket for that User ID..

In the help , its written that you have to modify the login modules for that particular app..But the problem is i am not able to find that WD application inside <b><i>Policy Configuration Tab</i></b> under <b><i>Security Provider service</i></b>..Where to find it?

Also, i would like to know, do i have to create the User IDs in the UME who will have valid access to that application ?

How about accepting a logon ticket from WD application?

Please help me on this.