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Apr 21, 2005 at 12:20 PM

Problem Creating Precaclulated Web Template Data with variable


Our objective is to create weekly “static” reports (i.e. the report for that week never changes over time even if new data for that week is loaded into the Infocube). The approach we've taken is the use of query with a selection variable in a web template with data_mode=static.

The steps we've taken are:

1) created the query wit hone selection variable (ZWPSYWK).

2) created the simple web template with this query, with setting data_mode=stored.

3) Created the Reporting Agent setting

4)Created the Reporting Agent scheduling package

5)Ran the reporting agent with variant : ZWPSYWK = 200501

6)I was then able to see data using the URL http://xxxxxxxxx/sap/bw/BEx?sap-language=EN&bsplanguage=EN&CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=ZWPS_PRECALC_INVESTIGATION&VAR_NAME=ZWPSYWK&VAR_VALUE_EXT=200501

7) Ran the reporting agent with variant : ZWPSYWK = 200502.

8) I was then able to see report data using the URL http://xxxxxxxxx/sap/bw/BEx?sap-language=EN&bsplanguage=EN&CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=ZWPS_PRECALC_INVESTIGATION&VAR_NAME=ZWPSYWK&VAR_VALUE_EXT=200502

9) However I was NOT able to see report data with URL http://xxxxxxxxx/sap/bw/BEx?sap-language=EN&bsplanguage=EN&CMD=LDOC&TEMPLATE_ID=ZWPS_PRECALC_INVESTIGATION&VAR_NAME=ZWPSYWK&VAR_VALUE_EXT=200501. I got the message “No precalculated data found for data provider DATAPROVIDER_1”

Any ideas ? Is it that the precacluated data for week 1 is gettign overwritten ? Can only one run of a precacluated web template be stored ? If so is this controlled by any setting ?