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Dec 26, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Navigational attribute description not reflecting in query


Hi gurus,

I have an characteristic info object ,say PRODUCT" having a nav.attribute as "VARIANT".

When I double click product and go to Attribute tab,I can see the attribute "VARIANT" and the long description of VARIANT is "Company Variant".

Navigational Attribute Description is " Variant" ,Navigation Attr. Short text is "Variant".

I'm expecting the description as "Variant "in the query and I get the same in Dev and when transported to quality system I can see as "Variant.But when transported to Production system,I'm seeing the description as "Company variant"

I want to know why the description is not maintained in all systems and why the desc.change is reflecting in dev and quality but not in Prod.

Can anybody help on this please...