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Dec 26, 2011 at 06:10 AM

Warehouse management withotut transport orders



Presently we are maintaining material with storage location only by giving only the storage location at, PGI, GI and GR also we can get the material report at storage location only, we want to split at rack and BIn level, thsi can be done usin ghte warehouse management like we can create the storage type, section and bin, but we dont required any transfer order conpet and order confirmation the GI and GR process we want to keep as it is just we want to provide the storage details and material should get issue from there like in present while PGI when we click on PGI material directlt get issue wihtouyt any TR order.

What seeting are neede for this also we have lot of material and stock in our system what steps we have to follow to link all that with WM.