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SEGW - Dump after changing entity's properties

Hi all i got a dump in SEGW transaction during the following scenario:

  • I create and develop a service, activate it, implement it and so on: all fine and transport in production. Good!
  • Then i change a property or two, even add new entities and re-generate the service, implement the classes and everything is good.
  • Sometimes, without an apparent reason, if the next day i do the same, adding-removing properties or entities, i got this dump

i debugged the standard a bit and i found out that there is some kind of issue in retrieving the Transport Request correct when a newer one is create for some different object.

The solution i found (more a workaround) is to release the cr (which will go wrong during the import into Test and Prod systems) and re-generate again the service, creating a new CR.

I tried to search for OSS notes but i cannot find anything related this (or maybe i'm putting the wrong keywords in search....).

Anyone experienced the same?

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2.png (26.5 kB)
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