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Dec 25, 2011 at 10:25 AM

CKMDUVMAT does not find all receiver orders


Hi Gurus,

I have a problem with CKMDUVMAT, I have tested in detail and found out that CKMDUVMAT cannot find all receiver production orders within the specified time interval. Say there are about 15 production orders that the material used in with 261 Mov type, system finds just 4-5 of them and distributes all the amounts to just 4-5 prod orders. I checked the details of the orders, but cannot see extraordinary situation, all of them open (not teco status) This is the first problem.

Secondly, in the previous periods, there are many materials in the same inventory document, CKMDUVMAT did not distribute all of them, samo of their status seem created, not distributed. Especially in the semifinished goods are not distributed. I could not understan why some of them distributed while others cannot. Some cases are weird also, there are 2 PID in the same period (in the half and end of the periods) for the same material. Although time interval is the same (all the period, from 1st to 31th) for 2 CKMDUVMAT run, second one cannot be distributed while first one is distributed.

What can be the reason for the problem. We use 4.7 version of SAP. Can you suggest anything about the solution? What are your experiences?

Thanks a lot.