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Notification Custom Fields Data Control & Check

Dec 22, 2016 at 08:20 AM


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Hello All,

Some new fields have been added in PM Notification screen. Those fields should be controlled during the transactions as follows.

Some of the fields should be mandatory at the time of creation

Some fields should be mandatory at the time of Release of Notification (Put in Process)

Some fields should be mandatory at the time of Notification completion

Referred the user exit QQMA0014, it is checking the values while saving the notification. But my problem is as follows.

During the save event, how to check the screen values? For example, by clicking Notification flag, system will set the status in JEST table only after saving the notification. The same case for other phase as well such as Release of notification.

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K Jogeswara Rao Dec 22, 2016 at 11:38 AM

If I understood correctly, you need to make use of function module STATUS_READ which returns you the status in the buffer. We have the previous status from field i_viqmel-phase (1 for OSNO, 2 for NOPO, 3 for NOPR, 4 for NOCO and 5 for DLFL).

Using the above data we can control things. If you give some data and logic, I will give you the code, with the help of which you will be able derive the codes for other situations. Even I'll try to give you code for all your situations.


Jogeswara Rao

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Looking forward some help on this....


I already replied to this with codes for 3 categories. This was 2 days ago.

  • Mandatory while creation
  • Mandatory while NOCO
  • Display mode of field

Surprisingly my post is not visible. May the Moderator throw some light on this.


If my post does not reappear, please break your requirement into individual cases and post as a new query. I will post precise code for the case.


i_viqmel-phase is blank while passing the notification. I guess, status should be retrieved from JCDS table.


Which case you are referring to? Whether it is about 'Making a field mandatory during creation? ' OR 'Making a field mandatory during NOCO?'

Please take a single case first and define what are the different conditions under which you want to make the field mandatory.

Please Note that which tabel to use or which FM to use will solely depend upon your specification.


In all business transactions related to notification, notification phase is blank.

Notifications have been considered with status as Outstanding, In Process & Completed in the above screen shot. All notifications are having phase as blank value.

zjpyg.png (23.4 kB)

This is not normal. Which ECC version is yours?

In your case the code will get lengthier. I'll try to provide in the other thread where I provided a code assuming that you have normal PHASE field.

Maheswaran KD . Dec 23, 2016 at 03:19 AM
  • Commitment Date - In IW21, this field is mandatory. In IW22 / IW28, it should be in display.
  • Revised Commitment Date
  • Recurrence - Mandatory at Notification Completion
  • Root Cause - Automatic from latest WHY field. Always in display mode.
  • WHY 1 to WHY 5 (5 fields) - WHY 1 is mandatory at Notification completion
  • HD Numbers - Mandatory at Completion
  • Completed HD Numbers - Mandatory at Completion
  • Pending HD Numbers – (HD Numbers – Completed HD Numbers). Always in display mode.

Above details will give you the information about the requirement & it's control. Thanks for the support.

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Raymond Giuseppi
Dec 23, 2016 at 02:47 PM

(JEST/JCDS) Beside STATUS_READ for current status in memory you should use STATUS_CHANGES_GET to get list of status changed during the transaction execution.


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