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Dec 23, 2011 at 10:58 AM

Solution manager service desk - configuration -pls help


Hi Forum,

I have completed basic configuration of service desk (solution manager 7.1) and able to realize things like create/process/confirm message and email notification after automatic support team determination (which works well based on component). However facing below issues and have few requirement.

1. Once the support team gets determined automaitcally based on component field 'Support Team' gets filled with a predeifined value which is obvious however furhter to that when i wish to change the 'Support Team' manually its grayed out i.e. i am not able to change it as it goes to non-edit mode. how to solve this issue?

2. In mail notification if message is raised from the satellite system or solution manager itself i am receiving the details of the system e.g. products installed and software components which makes message unneccesarily long. Can i configure system to produce e-mail noification without system info so that a notification can be kept short. (This is required as client needs to use service desk for internal purpose and not happy to see the system information as its increasing the length of the message)

3. While creating organizational structure in /nppoma_crm . i have created organizational unit/Support team/support in support team determination e-mail notification goes to the determined supoport team (to bp for which e-mail id is entered) however it doesnt goes to the employees mapped under support team as members (pls note bp for each member is maintained along with the e-mail id)

4. I would like to know the method used for automatic sold-to-party determination as like support team determination & is it possible to reset the number range as while test plenty of messages got created e.g. 8000000584/8000000585/8000000586 to be reset to 8000000001 again so client can start from 8000000001.

Please help by sharing your thought on this at earliest.



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