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Former Member
Apr 20, 2005 at 09:58 PM

Configuring profile parameter for a table lock object


Hi Experts-

I want to set the 'wait time' (_WAIT) parameter as a profile parameter for a table lock object.

I have created a lock object on a ZTable. I lock and unlock this object in exclusive non-cumulative mode through the enqueue and dequeue lock object function modules. These generated FMs are invoked via my custom function module.

My function module will run in the background as a scheduled task in R/3. I execute the Enqueue FM at the start of the FM and keep the table locked until the last step finishes in my FM and then I Dequeue it. I want to have the processing wait and retry the Enqueuring FM at set intervals in case the one run doesn't finish entirely and a new run of this same job kicks off.

Thank you,

- Vik.