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Apr 20, 2005 at 08:42 PM

Qeued Delta - LBWQ



Can someone tell me why I don't see the MCEX02 purchasing extraction module in LBWQ? However, I can see the other modules like MCEX13, MCEX11 etc. This is all because I can't load deltas for 2lis_02_scl datasource. RSA7 has this datasource but with zero LUW's. 2lis_02_scl extraction structure/datasource are active and set to Qeued Delta. The job control in LBWE is set to run every hour. However, this job collects zero LUW's. Also, I am not sure about this, SMQ1 doesn't have this MCEX02 also. However, I can see the MCEX_UPDATE_02 in SM13.

We currently have the following configuration:

BW 3.1C and R/3 4.6C

PI 2003-1-46C

PI Basis: PI_BASIS 2003-1-620: Add-on Delta Upgrade

If someone can help me I would appreciate with <b>REWARD</b>.