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Dec 23, 2011 at 01:22 AM

DS Repository with SQL Server Dynamic Ports


I have just installed Data Services 4 on our production SQL server cluster.

While our DEV SQL server runs on the standard port (1433), our prod servers use dynamic ports. I don't administer the servers and cannot change this.

Initially I was getting " Connection Refused: Connect " errors.

After a lot of difficulty I managed to get DS to install by giving it the currently allocated dynamic port number. I had to enter a port, otherwise the 'next' button was grey out.

Everything worked, but I am concerned that once the SQL servers restarts, it will get a new port and DS will fail.

Is there a config file which stored the connection strings for the repository ? I'l like to see if its saved the port of not. Microsoft claim if no port is listed, it will get the Dynamic port automatically.

Funily enough, when I run the repository manager to set up new repositories, it makes no mention of ports. It the port only needed for the Initial software install ?