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Dec 22, 2011 at 08:59 PM

OleDb connection, how can I specify "Extended Properties"?


I am porting an application that used CR XI, the COM interface, to CR Visual Studio 2010 using the CR .net api. The reports do SQL selects from tables accessed via an ole db provider. I need to be able to specify the "Extended Properties" component of the OLE DB connection string. In the CR XI version of this, I used get_ConnectBufferString on each table, appended my "Extended Properties" info, then used put_ConnectBufferString to update the now modified connection string. This worked like a champ.

WIth the .net SDK, I am struggling to see how to accomplish this. I have a ConnectionInfo class which I can set server, database, username, and password. That's nice, but I can't figure how to get my Extended Properties in there. Is it possible to do this in any way?

By extended properties, I mean something on the order of this:

Provider=myOleDbProv.myOldDbProv.1;Data Source=<server>; Extended Properties="myProp=myVal" etc. etc.