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Dec 22, 2011 at 04:11 PM

Spooky Label-Issue (Maybe a bug?) in FITE_VC_GENERAL_DATA


Greetings folks,

ECC 6.0 EHP 4 SP 42 /// Portal on WA 7.01 --> Germany / Public Sector

I'm currently busy enhancing/altering the WDA FITE_VC_GENERAL_DATA. Now I've come across a strange behavior... I've been given the task to change the text of the UI-Element T_ACTYPE_LABEL. In Standard, it contains the OTR-Object "$OTR:PTRM_WEB_UI/ACTIVITY" which again contains the plain word "Activity" or when translated into German, "Tätigkeit". In the Design Time of the View, in the Layout-Tool, it also shows "Tätigkeit". So far so good.

So what I did (I did this as well with numerous other objects and it worked every single time) is, putting this code in a method within a post-exit of WDDOMODIFYVIEW:


DATA: lo_el_la_activity TYPE REF TO cl_wd_label.

lo_el_la_activity ?= wd_comp_controller->z_go_view->get_element( 'T_ACTYPE_LABEL' ).
lo_el_la_activity->set_text( EXPORTING value = 'Personenkreis' ).


I've debugged this method and I can see in runtime that the Instance Attribute "VL_TEXT" changes from "Tätigkeit" to "Personenkreis". But when the Preprocessing is done the Label in the application (speaking of what the end user sees now) says "Aktivität (Spesen)"; in English it would be something like "Activity (Expenses)".

Now, wherever this comes from (I couldn't find out), this overshoots my method on the end of WDDOMODIFYVIEW's Post Exit Method! :-(((

I do not understand why it happens and how it can happen at all.... can sombody help me with this? 😔

Cheers, Lukas