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Dec 22, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Error Handling Frameworf & Strategy in SAP PI


Hello There!

Can anyone provide me an article or concepts on ERROR HANDLING FRAMEWORK OR STRATEGY for message interfaces for integration for SAP & Non SAP applicationsu2026 I am looking for a strategy to trap & logging of all types of errors [Data & System] into a file system log file or Z Table that may occur either at the Adapter or at the Integration Engine side.

The main requirement is to log errors and report them in a BUSINESS CONTEXT manner. I am looking for means to report the error(s) to the business user after parsing the message payload for errors that may occur at the integration engine and extract a pre defined COLUMN or FIELD values from the message payload to display to the BUSINESS USER along with the message error. This will help the business user to track say Material Nou2019s or Order Nou2019s or any other pre defined field values that may have failed to deliver due to failed message failure.

Thanks In Advance...