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Dec 22, 2011 at 12:06 PM

How to Handle ALV Triggered Error Messages?


Hello Experts,

I've a couple of editable ALVs embedded inside tabstrip areas. The user should not be allowed to navigate to another tab, until all the input value errors in ALV, in current tab are resolved.

I'm handling all the validation in ON_DATA_CHECK method of respective ALVs and displaying the error messages using WD message manager. I'm changing the colour of the errored cells using cell design property. The data check is being called through DATA_CHECK method of the ALV interface, when tabs are being switched. I'm checking the r_param->t_error_cells[] also inside ON_DATA_CHECK, to check if there are any error cells.

It works fine for some cells. But, if a cell has an attribute value set bound in the context property or has some automatically determined search help like Date, the ALV handles them automatically without triggering the ON_DATA_CHECK method. The cells are marked with some colour and the message is being displayed automatically in the ALV. I'm not able to figure out how to capture these messages. I need to restrict the navigation to other tabs based on these standard ALV triggered errors as well.

I'm looking for something like method 'Add_Protocol_Entry' in OOPS ALV. Please let me know, if something like that is available in WD as well. If not, please let me know how to handle the errors triggered by the ALV automatically.

Thanks a lot in advance...........