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Apr 20, 2005 at 04:21 PM



I just started with the Business One SDK for SBO 2004. One of the examples for the UDO objects uses GetArrayDAG. Is this a depreciated method?

I don't see any references to GetArrayDAG in the docs for the CSboDataAccessGate, on the forum, web, etc.

Currently, method GetDAG exists for CSboDataAccessGate.

For example, the MealOrder user object sample uses GetArrayDag like so:

SBOErr	CMyUDO::OnAdd ()
    long      lErr, lMealCount;
    TCHAR           tcName[128];
    TCHAR           tcPrice[128];

    CSboDataAccessGate dagMOR1 = GetArrayDAG (ao_Arr1);
    //get number of meals ordered
    lMealCount = dagMOR1.GetRecordsCount();
    //calculate price of meals
    swprintf (tcPrice, _T("%d"), lMealCount * MEAL_PRICE);

    //set the price
    lErr = SetValue (_T("U_Price"), tcPrice, ao_Main, 0);

    //call father class OnAdd function
    SBOErr sboErr = CSboBusinessObject::OnAdd ();
    return sboErr;


Thanks for any assistance.