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Dec 22, 2011 at 09:26 AM

STWB_WORK - Bad Performance


Hello Experts,

we run Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 (70108).

For some time now we have the problem, that the opening of test-packages in the stwb_work takes a lot of time. By clicking a package, the time will lost in "Formatting Message Display". The same happens, if the test-package is opened and I click on Message-Overview.

The blueprint of the choosen project is small. There ar only 20 Messages in this test-package.

We have analysed this behavior (SAP Workload: Single Records) and there are the following parameters:



19.555 Response time (ms)

18.376 Time in WPs (ms)

403 Wait time (ms)

14.250 CPU time (ms)

2.316 DB req. time (ms)

Detail: Response Time 19.555 ms


Wait for work process 403 ms

Processing time 15.734 ms

Load Time 134 ms

Generating time 0 ms

Roll (in+wait) time 962 ms

Database request time 2.316 ms

Enqueue time 7 ms

Database requests 2.316 ms


Database rows 28.954 total

Requests 48.804 total

Database calls 6.974

So it seems the time is lost by CPU activities.

I searched for notes and found the following:

- Link: [1086478|] (not implementable, contained in 70105)

- Link: [1511006|] (not implementable, contained in 70108)

- Link: [1566679|] (not implementable, only Release 70, From 702 to 702)

Have anyone an idea what I can do?

Thanks for help!