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Dec 22, 2011 at 02:55 AM

availability check of sales order in planning strategy 40


Dear friends,

Kindly help me this query:

From online SAP help in Demand Management, it said in planning strategy 40:

"An accurate availability check is performed according to ATP (available to promise) logic during sales order processing. The system checks whether sufficient planned independent requirements have been planned to cover the sales order.... If there is insufficient coverage of components (the sales order quantities exceed the planned independent requirement quantities), the sales orders cannot be confirmed"

According to above paragraph, I think that availability check of sales order is carried out against PIR, if PIR quantity cannot cover sales order quantity then order will not be confirmed, it also means stock on-hand will not be included in availability check. However, my testing reveal a different conclusion: sales order is confirmed against stock on-hand, not PIR. My questions are:

1/ in planning strategy 40, how does system carry out availability check for sales order?

2/ how to interpret above help from SAP?

I got that help from this link:

Many thanks for your clear answers.