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Dec 21, 2011 at 09:47 PM

Maintenance Times - Where to properly capture?



First off, thank you for all your knowledge and input to others who post on this board - your expertise is greatly appreciated! Also, I would GREATLY appreciate any help any of you might be able to offer on this question! 😊

We are implementing PM for the first time, and as such, have basically implemented it in it's most simple form where possible. We are however, using breakdown orders, notifications(for corrective order conversions only), and maintenance plans to generate preventative orders at 'x' time intervals.

My main question (for now) is, where do we capture the main times associated with the maintenance process for use in the standard SAP reporting analysis?

For example, here are some of the things they wish to capture:

1. Scheduling times u2013 Where does the planner enter the day/time theyu2019d like work to begin on the order?

2. Total # labor hours spent by technicians working on the maintenance order.

3. Work duration - when did the work on the order start, and when did it stop? (not # of labor hours)

4. For breakdowns, how many hours was the equipment non-operational?

5. For notifications, when was the maintenance issue first reported?

And here are some of the relevant fields I see in orders & notifications:


- u2018malfunct.startu2019

- u2018malfunct.endu2019

- Orders


- u2018bsc startu2019 / u2018bsc finu2019

- u2018breakdown dur.u2019

- u2018malf.startu2019 / u2018malfendu2019


- u2018worku2019

- u2018duru2019

- Confirmations


- 'work startu2019 / u2018work finishu2019

- u2018act. worku2019

Secondly, which reports would you recommend running within SAP to get at the answers to the above questions?

Lastly, is there any SAP activity that would impact these times they wish to measure? Example u2013 Does checking u2018final confirmationu2019 when confirming change a key time? Example 2: Does TECOu2019ing an order impact the times logged? Example 3: Changing u2018priorityu2019 on notification or order have an impact? Any other activities that you can think of that would cause time impacts?

Thank you all for your help!


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