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Dec 21, 2011 at 07:20 PM

PO Line Item Tab "Delivery"


Hello MM Purchasing gurus,

I'm looking for documentation for the "Delivery" tab on PO Line items. In particular when there is a check mark in the Goods receipt box what does it mean?

My interpretation is that you can opst an IR(Invoice Receipt) but it will be blocked for payment because a GR has not been entered. Once a GR has been entered then one can manually release the invoice for payment.

Is this true? True or not I wouldlike to know where I can find some documentation to back up the answer. I think some co-workers have this box confused with GR based IV on the "Invoice" tab. When this box is checked you are blocked from even entering the invoice if there is not a GR to match the IR with. Can someone provide a link or some documentation explaining how the "Delivery" Goods receipt box works versus how the GR Based IV box works.

In my mind the GR based IV is pretty direct in that if you don't have a GR the IR will not post. But I believe with "Delivery" Goods receipt it will post but it will block for paymen tuntil a GR is entered and you manually unblock it.

Another part of the question can the Payment Block R be automatically erased once there is a GR entered that matches the IR?

This is for non-inventory type purchases for Orders and Cost Centers so the items are being expensed.

I look forward to the help.


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