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Dec 22, 2016 at 06:06 AM



Dear Members

To have efficient workflow based practices using SAP , We plan to streamline the business function related to "Vendor Quotation" .

At present , We receive the Vendor Quotation thru E-Mail and subsequently Purchase dept feeds quotation received data details into SAP System .

To make the working more efficient , We are thinking that RFQ data can be sent to Vendor in an ADOBE Interactive Form and then Vendor fill up all pricing details (including taxes extra) into this form . Subsequently the filled-up form is received thru EMAIL and Purchase dept person can get this Quotation Data updated into SAP system automatically .

My query is that :

whether ADOBE Interactive Forms is the right solution for this requirement ? .

Is ADOBE Interactive Forms is going to be in future path of SAP , or it is going to be a discarded old technology ?

Kindly help me pl .

With Rgds

B Mittal