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Apr 20, 2005 at 10:22 AM

OutOFMemory error during syncronization


During MAM 20 sr5 syncronization from Win32 mobile device we noticed

the error 'SERVLET_JSP-->critical shutdown Out of memory' into teh

console_logs files for the J2EE server.

So we are not able to donwload the properdata on the ME devices.

Since the J2EE server/dispatcher are started from the Web As

environment, we replaced the go.bat string:

"...Xmx256m -Dmemory.manager=256m..."


"...Xmx512m -Dmemory.manager=512m..."

and restarted the J2EE engine but th error continue to occur.

It seems the modification doesn't give any result

Where and what we have to modify in order to solve the out of memory

error during syncronization ?

We are using on the mobile devices the Jsdk 1.3.1_13 and on the server

we are using the Me21 sp03, with J2EE 620 pl 27.