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Dec 21, 2011 at 11:49 AM

XI:Concerns regarding CCMS alerts,IDOC,JDBC,FILE,PROXY


Dear Experts,

I have some doubts regarding below listed points.Please,help Me to find thesuitable answer for these.

*1.if multiple messages to be sent(IDOC) through same JDBC adapter,how we'll do it(THROUGH SAME jdbc Aadpter,in same config scenario)?*

* receiver determination,if we have to send to multiple receivers according to payload content(conditional passing to receiver depends on payload),**how we'll acheive it?*

*3.what is file content conversion?*

*4.why proxy is known as adpterless scenario?*

* case of idoc/proxy why sender side no communication channel but in receiver side we are using communication channel?*

**6.what is CCMS alert?

* a file2file scenario,if we want to convert one file content to other file content in a different form(as x->1,y>2),*

*how we'll acheive it?*

*7.if lots of data checkings are there in case of SAP R/3,by whcih way we'll go?(idoc/proxy/rfc)

* we'll decide whether to go for SOAP scenario?*

*9.what is adapter module?whan we'll go for different adapter modules other than standard?*

*how we can develop our own adapter modules?*

*10. how to map one field to other field,when they are present in different noad with respect to source and target strucrture?*

Eagerly waiting for youyr valuable opinion.


Rasmiraj Tripathy