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Apr 20, 2005 at 09:09 AM

Smart Form by email



According to the help:

"To send forms as e-mails using SAP Smart Forms, you have to fill the e-mail parameters of the generated function module:

The parameters MAIL_SENDER and MAIL_RECIPIENT to pass the sender and the recipient of the document. To fill these parameters, you have to create the respective BOR objects of object type RECIPIENT and fill their attributes.

The parameter MAIL_APPL_OBJ, which you use to link the application object with the sent document. You have to create a BOR object for this parameter too.

To ensure that SAP Smart Forms evaluates the e-mail "

My problem is how can i make the conection to the BCI? On the generated function appears the folowing:



is_mail_appl_obj -


  • fill this parameter if your application object is a BOR object

  • the output will be connected with the BOR object via SAP Office

  • this is done for mail and fax but not for print outputs

  • ------>

  • is_mail_appl_obj-LOGSYS =

  • is_mail_appl_obj-OBJTYPE =

  • is_mail_appl_obj-OBJKEY =

  • is_mail_appl_obj-DESCRIBE =

  • ------>

How do i create the container?

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

Maria João Rocha