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Dec 21, 2011 at 09:34 AM

3.X Dataflow



I am trying to understand one 3.x dataflow in 7.x BI (source is SAP R/3)


Datasource(emulated) >transfer rules >Infosource >Update rules >DSO >Update rules >Infocube

Datasource(emulated) settings:

Delta process:Full upload(Delta from infopackage selection)

Direct access:Allowed

Real Time:Not supported

Adapter:Access to SAP data through service API

Dataformat_fixed length

Infopackage at datasource level:

Full update

In selection screen,SELECT_P_BUDAT,they have input number '2'.Text shows it as 'Get last month'

This infopackage loads data to PSA and then to DSO.I observed that in DSO it shows monthly data.

Now from DSO to cube,data is sent using export datasource 8xxx in typical 3.x way.

This export datasource have settings:

Deltaprocess:ODS Datastore OBJECT EXTRACTION

Direct access:allowed(pre-aggregate data in extractor)....

Real time:not supported

Adapter:access to SAP through service SAPI

The infooackage for this datasource sends data from DSO to cube and was set to delta update and has no selection.

I checked that data is uploaded to cube on monthly basis.

now my doubt is about how this dataflow is working:

1.if datasource and infopackage below DSO have settings full update and selection screen has settings ofr taking only last month data(number '2'),does it mean we are not capturing deltas from previous months?how do we find out how deltas are handled here....

2.Same question relates to export datasource and infopackage between DSO and has delta settings and no selection in selection it means all changes to old records in DSO from previous month plus new records this month will be loaded to cube.

3.Is the datasource used to bring data from SAP R/3 source to DSO ,a generic one?How to find out if its a generic one or not?

4.In fields list in THIS datasource bringing data from source,there are some fields with tech name SELECT_P_BUKRS eventhough there is another fields named BUKRS...what does this mean?

I am a bit confused to understand this delta process between datasource ->DSO->CUBE with these settings...can anybody share their understanding related to this dataflow?