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Dec 21, 2011 at 09:07 AM

Depreciation calculation of investment measure since capitalization date



Our customer are facing a problem of depreciation starting date with investment support.

I give an example. They buy a new asset in 01.2010. They ask for investment support but they receive it only this month (12.2011). As the amount ask is often not the amount received, it is not possible to enter an investment support amount since 2010.

In asset Master data, I set the start depreciation date to 01.01.2010, for 4 year. So the end depreciation date is 31.12.2013.

In Luxemburg, the common rule is to depreciate linearly by semester.

Then, with ABIF Tcode we enter the investment support at the date of 12.2011. We want that for the depreciation run of December, the system calculates the depreciation since 01.01.2010 (that is 2 year , so the 1/2).

But instead of depreciate from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2013, the system depreciate from 01.07.2011 (since the posting date as it is for semester) until the 31.12.2013.

So the depreciation, instead of being 1/2 of the total depreciation is only (1/5 : 1 semester on the 5 left). That is not correct for the accounting department.

It is possible that I have to create a new depreciation code.

Could someone help me with that ?

Thanks in advance.