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Former Member
Dec 21, 2011 at 08:31 AM

Revenue Posting to Cost Center & Pforfitibility Segment (Object Numbers)


Dear All,

I have tested a scnario, i.e., Can we post Revenue to the Cost Center?

1st Case:- I tried to post Revenue to Cost Center & it was done. The Cost Center was updated Stastical Posting. ( Here i had entered Cost Center Manually, no other object was entered except Cost Cneter)

2nd Case :- I have done the same way but i have entered PSG manually.

But here my doubt is : in COEP Table both documents were updated Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610. Which is Recon Object Type. In 2nd case i have entered PSG but in 1st case i have entered only one Cost Center but how the system was updated the CO Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610