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Dec 21, 2011 at 07:32 AM

Short dump FGV003 during COI


After changing our fiscal year variant we get a short dump in BCS when executing Consolidation Of Investments.

In the change we changed fiscal variant K4 from following the calendar year to year end on 30. november and US 5-4-4 periods. As a result we have a shortened fiscal year in 2011 with only 11 periods (+4 special periods). The changes were all made in ECC and then transferred to BW.

The problem is that when we execute COI in period 11 the system short diumps with the following "MESSAGE_TYPE_X":

Short text of error message:
SYST: Period 012 is not valid in financial year variant K4

Long text of error message:

Technical information about the message:
Message class....... "FGV"
Number.............. 003
Variable 1.......... 012
Variable 2.......... "K4"
Variable 3.......... " "
Variable 4.......... " "

It is of course correct that fiscal period 12 does not exist, but why does it happen when we are consolidating for period 11 and how can we solve the problem?

Any help will be appreciated!