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Former Member
Dec 20, 2011 at 09:49 PM

File Port Not Picking Up File


Hello All,

I'm trying to get a file sent from an external system to SAP. I created a file port. The inbound tab of the port has the full path of where the file will be after it's sent from the external system. The external system is a PC server and is sending the file to the folder no problem. However, the SAP file port is not picking up the file. This is an IDOC file I'm trying to send to SAP. In the file port I click "test connection" and I get a positive result showing "access is possible".

I went into WE16 to manually bring the file in. I use the full path as in the file port plus the file name. I also enter the port name and try to execute. An error comes back saying "error opening file".

In WE16 I use...

<pc server>\directory\filename

Any help as to why I can't get the file through the port or manually in WE16 would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.