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Dec 20, 2011 at 08:23 PM

Dynamically changing the queue execution size


Hi all,

I need to control the number of parallel JOBs according some periods (E.g.: 00:00 until 06:00 -> 10 Jobs and 06:01 until 23:59 -> 5 Jobs).

So, I will try to create a JD based on Redwoodscript and schedule it in the needed time to change the queue execution size to the correct number as informed in the Job parameter.

Can anybody kindly send me an example to how use the method setExecutionSize. I'm using Cronacle V8 M33.27-51134.

I found a very good example in the thread using-rz20-monitoring-values-in-redwood, but it doesn't work in my Cronacle version.... and I donu2019t know how to adapt it to my needed.

Thanks a lot,

Douglas Marques