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Apr 20, 2005 at 02:53 AM

Process chain errors


Hi all,

I have a process chain in which an ODS (ODSA) gets loaded from a Datasource. This ODSA then loads an Infocube (CubeA) and another ODS (ODSB). This ODSB then loads another Infocube (CubeB).

The steps i followed in the process chain:

1. start process

2. Execute InfoPackage for delta data to be loaded into ODSA.

3. Activate ODSA.

4. Update ODS object data (Further Update).

5. Execute InfoPackage for loading ODSA delta data (I chose a ingle infopackage since this infopackage will have both CubeA and ODSB as its datatargets in the infopackage scheduler).

6. Activate ODSB.

7. Execute InfoPackage for loading ODSB delta data into CubeB.

The foll. are the errors which i get.

1. Error: InfoPackage ZPAK_3XXX is generated; NOT able to be used as loading variant.

2. Error: A type "Update ODS Object data (Further Update)" Process Cannot precede process "Execute InfoPackage" var. ZPAK_3XXX.

3. Warning: A type "generate index" process has to follow process "Execute InfoPackage" var. ZPAK_3XXX in the chain.

could you please tell me what sequence do i follow for the above scenario.

Thanks a lot.