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Dec 20, 2011 at 03:08 PM

DM Packages & Work Status - Dont write data when ws is Submitted


Hi Experts,

We have two different kind of data manager packages.

Type 1 Loading data from ECC (Load_Infoprovider_UI)

Type 2 FX calculation and consolidation packages.

User need to run both types of data manager packages as a requirement. Other requirement is when the status get changed from u201CDefualtu201D to u201CSubmittedu201D, we dont want new data coming in but we still need to execute type 2 packages. When status is Submitted or Underreview type 1 package should not be writing any data to BPC.

I think there are two approches to solve the issue.

Option A

With work status setting below restrict type 1 packages to obey work status rules (Modify Process chain that no data can be written if work status is other than Default. u2013 ABAP codes to check the values in data base table)

Work Status DM

Default All

Submitted All

Underreview All

Approved Locked

Option B

With setting below allow type 2 packages to bypass work status when status is submitted and underriew for entity.

Work Status DM

Default All

Submitted Owner

Underreview Owner

Approved Locked

Option A is working but it needs ABAP coding on type 1 packages.

Option B does not work as ignore work status does not work on FX and conso packages on NW.

Would appreciate if anyone can suggest some other options as Option A needs ABAP coding and option B does not work.

BPC should have standard functionality to differentiate between the data manager and should have facility to stop loading new data and still able to run fx and conso calculaiton.

We are on SAP BPC 7.5 Patch 8 Version 1001

Thanks in advance.