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Apr 19, 2005 at 07:33 PM

Create new BPS documents from "COPY DOCUMENTS" user exit.


Hi Gerd,

thank you so much for your reply.

I'm continuing other thread here. (Copy "document icon" to new sheet from "SEM-BPS 1" sheet)

<b> We've a layout that doesn't use macros. </b>

We'd like to attach a document for each line that is entered on this layout. All the document attribute characteristics are included in this layout.

Document contents & technical name can be any thing.

Should I be able to do this?

This ensures that users be able to edit documents on other layouts which is crucial.

I tested this For couple of lines and I was successful.

Before I'd like to start implementing this, I appreciate your inputs on the prcoess that I follow if this is an effective way of doing?

Any concerns from the performance side?

any other hidden issues/concerns that you might be familiar with?

1) I'm reading all document attribute characteristic values of the layout new lines from the user exit.

2) I've created one variable for each "document attribute characteristic"

3) I've created "COPY DOCUMENTS planning function" and included variables in the parameter group

4) user exit in step 1 fills all variables (fills only 1 value at a time) & passes to "COPY DOCUMENTS parameter group"

4) due to restriction of only single entry variables usage in

"COPY plannig funciton", I'm using "API_SEMBPS_FUNCTION_EXECUTE" and executing "COPY DOCUMENTS planning funciton" as many times as number of new lines

5) if there are 6 new lines, user exit in step 1 loops 6 times & calls "API_SEMBPS_FUNCTION_EXECUTE" 6 times which inturn executes "COPY DOCUMENTS planning funciton" 6 times

Am I on the right & effective path?

Is there any better approach?

Appreciate your inputs