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Apr 19, 2005 at 05:00 PM

MSS iviews cannot connect - Connection Test not working



I've just installed EP6 SP11 P3 from SR-1 and imported a role from EP5 that contains some MSS iviews (Business Package 50.4.2).

Connection & SSO is working for the ESS (ITS) & SAPGUI iviews but the MSS iviews are giving a "Could not connect to R3 system" error message.

I've tried the Connection Test for the relevant System - the ITS one passes, but the Connection Test for Connectors doesn't work... it doesn't fail or pass, or give any message at all, when you click on the "Test" button.

The error that keeps appearing in the server.log file is "Failed to get alias mappers sub context in the Portal Registry"...

Anyone come across this before, or have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.