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Dec 20, 2011 at 07:22 AM

Two pricing procedures



I need to have for returns different pricing conditions than for the regular sales processes. To be more specific instead of the normal PR00 and Kxxx discounts it has to be ZPRx and ZKxx pricing procedures that have to be active only when invoicing an Return Order.

My ideea was to create a twin pricing procedure of the normal sales one with twin pricing conditions that is allocated to the RE invoice type only and that I did so far. But I couldn't figure out how can I translate(copy) the values of the price conditions from the regular sales pricing procedure to this Return specific one. I did some research but all I could find is a copy/paste (c/p) from the Help which actually didn't help at all, for example:

"Transaction-specific pricing procedure

Pricing procedure transaction-specific indicator

Before Release 4.0A, no special pricing procedures were used for intercompany billing and rebate credit memos, programs were just set accordingly to deal with these situations. As of Release 4.0A you are offered greater flexibility in the form of the option to define special pricing procedures for intercompany billing and rebate credit memos. For reasons of future compatability, you will still be able to use the old program specifications. For this reason, you must set this indicator if you want to create a special pricing procedure. This is to prevent the program settings being used.

This indicator is also used as of Release 4.0A to redetermine the condition class and the statistical condition indicator when copying from a reference document.


You copy prices from a shipment document to the billing document. The prices should lead to a surcharge in the billing document. This is guaranteed by the redetermination of the condition class in the pricing procedure.


I also imagine that it has something to do with TSPP but it is not clear what are the steps involved.

Please help.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.