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Dec 20, 2011 at 05:36 AM

No matching records found 'Queries' (OUQR) (ODBC-2028) [Message 138-183]


Hello All

I have created a SAP Business One addon in which I have created so many User menus Under 'Administration' , ' Sales A/R', 'Purchasing A/R' and New menu item under 'Modules'. All my program and menus are working fine. But after a certain time of period, when I press any of these menus, I am getting a SAP Status bar error message (RED) that 'No matching records found 'Queries' (OUQR) (ODBC-2028) [Message 138-183]'. Even after the menus are working fine. But I am receiveing this constantly.

I am getting this message even after closing my addon program. So I think this message is coming from SAP itself.

Any clue regarding this?