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Dec 19, 2011 at 10:59 PM

CK11N- Exch.Rate Type not picked up correctly



We have issues regarding exch.rate type during std. cost estimate for 2012. In OKEQN, we have maintained in Exch.rate type u201CPu201D with value date 01/01/2012 for FY2012 version u201C0u201D.

Now, when we try to do CK11N for material X, it converts the amount correctly in local currency using exchange rate type u201CPu201D, which is fine. But, surprisingly for material Y, it converts the amount in LC using exch.rate type u201CMu201D, which is NOT defined for FY2012 version u201C0u201D.

We are on the verge of 2012 Std.cost estimate, & puzzled now, with few materials being costed as per exch.rate type u201CMu201D and few as per exch.rate type u201CPu201D.

I believe that u201CVersionu201D in OKEQN, and u201CCosting versionu201D in CK11N are not related, because we are using costing version u201C1u201D in CK11N. And, there is no exch.rate type defined in material master,right?

I will appreciate if someone can throw light on the solution. Itu2019s urgent!