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Dec 19, 2011 at 10:13 PM

Grouping specific Materials together when running heuristics.



I'd like to know what options are available to me to for keeping Orders for specific Materials grouped together when running heuristics.

For example, I have three Materials: Material A, Material B and Material C. Now, I want Material C to always be scheduled after Material B, but only if sufficient demand exists for it prior to the next run of Material B.

Maybe this illustration will help explain matters:

Week SKU

1 Material A

2 Material A

3 Material B

4 Material C

5 Material A

6 Material B

7 Material A

8 Material A

9 Material B

10 Material C

11 Material A

12 Material A

13 Material C

So, in week 3, I need to produce Material B, but because Material C is required before I next produce Material B (week 6) and Material C must always follow Material B, a run of Material C is scheduled into week 4.

Is there a strategy I can use that will do this for me? Any pointers welcome.