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Dec 19, 2011 at 09:38 PM

Question regarding possible limitations to RFC parameters (deep structures)


Hi all,

We currently have a mobile application built to run on iPad and iPhone that uses RESTful calls to read and post data from/to a backend SNC system. The calls are currently using an SICF service as the interface and JSON data formatting (within the handler method).

We are running into issues where we try now to use Gateway as the middleware and trying to replace the handler methods with RFC's. In particular, one of the calls reads backend configuration to return data structures used by the front end device to render the tabular information being displayed. Since it is configuration, the line type of the returned data is not static, so we convert the data into a JSON string and pass back via a parameter of type STRING.

In a second case, there are multiple internal tables of data being returned where the line types are static but are deep structures (in one case, with up to 4 levels of nested internal tables). Again, in the case of the handler methods, we simply convert to JSON string and pass back but in the case of the RFC, we could simply return as exporting parameters. However, am told by various people that Gateway RFC's can not have multiple internal tables and definitely not deep structures?

Any advice as to whether we should or can use Gateway in this endeavor?

Kind regards,