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Split WD Components from a DC


I must to migrate some WD Java projects from 7.0 to 7.3; I can migrate all of them, except one.

This DC has 11 WD Components (some of them quite big size); there are no errors within and I should deploy it and test it. The problem becomes when I'm not able to build the DC from NWDS 7.30; the system gives me the following error:

     [timer] WebDynpro generator finished in 2 minutes 58.251 seconds
      [echo] Starting Java compiler using the current JVM
      [echo] Settings:
      [echo]         debug: on
      [echo]      optimize: off
      [echo]   deprecation: default
      [echo]       verbose: default
      [echo]      encoding: UTF-8
      [echo]        source: 1.6
      [echo]        target: 1.6
      [echo]  source paths: 
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\DCs\\zhr\ats_ip\_comp\src\packages
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\t\B57A10C40E339A66BC6E35DFCD10C58B\gen_ddic/datatypes
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\t\B57A10C40E339A66BC6E35DFCD10C58B\gen_cmi/packages
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\t\B57A10C40E339A66BC6E35DFCD10C58B\gen_wdp/packages
      [echo]    class path:
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\DCs\\tc\wd\webdynpro\_comp\gen\default\public\default\lib\java\tc~wd~webdynpro.jar
      [echo]       D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\DCs\\\_comp\gen\default\public\default\lib\java\
      [echo]    output dir: D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\t\B57A10C40E339A66BC6E35DFCD10C58B\classes
     [javac] Compiling 639 source files to D:\Documents and Settings\corellavpd\NWDS_73.jdi\0\t\B57A10C40E339A66BC6E35DFCD10C58B\classes
     [javac] The system is out of resources.
     [javac] Consult the following stack trace for details.
     [javac] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
     [javac] 	at
     [javac] 	at
     [javac] 	at
Ant runtime 4 minutes 25.658 seconds
Ant build finished with ERRORS

I tried a lot of times... my computer configuration:

- Windows XP

- 3GB RAM memory

What can I do? Is it a machine memory problem? Or is it a server memory problem?

Maybe I should split some WD Components into more DCs... right? How can I do it? Is there some tool for that purpose?


Miguel Angel.

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1 Answer

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    Dec 19, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    put this in your nwds configuration file
















    try to build again.

    if not work, delete unrelated dc and build again.

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