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Apr 19, 2005 at 10:59 AM

Error creating user defined tables: Ref count (-1120)


Hi all !

I have to create user defined tables per code, so I wrote <b>2 main functions</b>, first <i>to create a table</i> (with TableName,TableType and TableDescription properties)and and <i>second to add fields</i> (to a certain table which is sent as parameter).

I call these functions to create multiple tables. For the first 6 tables it works totally ok. But beginning from the 7th table it gives that "<b>Ref count for this object is higher then 0.</b> " (-1120) error. All parameters are ok just as the first 6 tables.

Found such an explanation like below in help files.

<i>The DI API allows only one instance of a meta data object at a time. This maintains data integrity by preventing any manipulation of a business object while modifying the object's user fields. Therefore, verify that no other DI object is active except the meta data object.</i>

But why do I get such an error after sixth call of the function (but not beginning from the second table )?